Rates in the Shire of Moora

Council rates are used to provide and maintain a variety of facilities. These include parks and gardens, roads, health services, recreation facilities and the administration of the Shire.

All property owners in the Shire of Moora are sent an Annual Rate Notice for the current financial year. Along with the current rates owing, the notice will also specify the cost of the Refuse Service, Emergency Services Levy and Deep Sewerage Levy (if applicable) and Swimming Pool Inspection Fee (if applicable).

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Rates and services are payable within 35 days of the date of issue of the original rate notice (refer to the due date on this notice). Any rates outstanding after this date may be recovered by legal action. Costs of legal action will be added to your account.

Should there be any reason why payment cannot be made in full please contact Council’s Rate Section immediately.

If payment is allowed to fall into arrears for a period of three years or more the Council may:

  1. Take the land and let it on lease.
  2. Sell the land.
  3. Have the land vested in the Local Government.
  4. Have the land revested in the Crown.

Under the provisions of Section 6.51 of the Local Government Act 1995 Council may charge interest on the overdue amount. The rate of interest is currently 5.5% per annum calculated daily. Interest will continue to accrue until all arrears are paid.

Objections And Appeal Provisions

  • The Valuation Land Act 1978 (as amended) Part IV sets out the manner in which objections and appeals may be instituted regarding valuations.
    • An objection against the valuation must be made in writing and received by the Valuer General, 18 Mount Street, Perth or by Council within 60 days of the date of issue of the rate notice.
    • A person who is dissatisfied with the decision of the Valuer General in respect of the objection may, within 60 days of service of notice of that decision serve notice on the Valuer General requiring the objection to be treated as an appeal and referred to the Land Valuation Tribunal.
    • Section 6.76 of the Local Government Act 1995 provides the grounds on which, and the time and manner in which, individual objections and appeals to the Rate Book may be instituted. An objection to the Rate Book shall be made in writing to the Council within 60 days of the date of issue of this rate notice. Section 6.82 relates to general appeals.

If an objection or appeal is lodged the full amount of rates is still due and payable within 35 days of the issue of the rate notice.

To lodge a formal objection against rating and taxing valuations, ratepayers can visit the Landgate website:

Landgate - Lodging an objection

Change Of Ownership

Under the provisions of Section 9.68 of the Local Government Act 1995, notice must be given in writing to the Council within 21 days, whenever any person sells or otherwise disposes of any rateable land.

Details of the description of the land and the name and address of the purchaser must be stated.

The Shire of Moora also requires a copy of the Certificate of Title before change of ownership can be amended (photocopy acceptable).

Change Of Address

Please advise Council in writing of any change of address to which notices are to be sent. The assessment number should be quoted on all such correspondence.

Electoral Roll

Details from rated properties are no longer used to compile the Electoral Roll. Eligibility is determined by the State Electoral Roll and registration by Owner/Occupiers. Companies cannot appear on the roll as electors, however, names of one or two nominees per rateable property may be submitted for inclusion.

Emergency Services Levy

The Emergency Services Levy is forwarded to FESA to fund the Career Fire and Rescue Service, Volunteer Fire and Rescue Service, Bush Fire Brigades, SES Units and FESA Units throughout Western Australia.