Local Attractions

Moora Town Walk

The town walk is designed to give you a taste of Moora and features historical buildings, galleries, outdoor art and points of interest including:

Moora Performing Arts Centre Moora Town Clock
Old Moora Court House St James Anglican Church
Moora Arts and Crafts St John the Baptist Church
Moora Post Office Uniting Church
Moora Community Resource Centre Murals

Moora Wildflower Drive – The Heart of the Midlands

Just a few hours from the city heading north, ‘wildflower country’ offers you the opportunity to view some of the most magnificent displays of Australian native flowering plants and a chance to experience a country way of life.

Moora is the ‘gateway’ to the wildflowers and stands on the junction of two important and very different botanical districts, where the underlying geology has produced different soil types and so very different plant communities.

Moora lies very close to the Darling Fault. To the east, lies the very ancient rocks (2000 million years or more!) of the Western Australian Shield, one of the oldest land surfaces on earth. It has fertile red soils and has largely been cleared for farming. To the west are the younger rocks of the Dandaragan Plateau, covered with poor sandy or gravelly soils. The fault line is marked by the course of the Moore River.

This self-drive tour is designed to showcase superb displays of wildflowers from August through to November. Rare and beautiful species can be found along the route with nice views and plenty of excellent photo opportunities. Wildflower season runs from July through to November (weather dependent).

Moora Wildflower Drive Information and Map

Wildflowers of the Northern Agricultural Region – Map

Watheroo Wildflower Drive

Self-drive tour of spectacular wildflowers around Watheroo. This drive features beautiful pink lakes (in summer) and one of the only patches of Rose Mallee (E.Rhodantha) in the world.

Wildflower season runs from July through to November (weather dependent).

Watheroo Wildflower Drive Map

Watheroo National Park And Jingemia Cave

Location Watheroo West Road, Watheroo, 6513

Watheroo National Park was created in 1955 and has an area covering 44,473ha.

You can discover the diverse range of resilient native plants that grow there as well as regularly spot kangaroos and native birds. The park lies on a sandy plain and is home to the extraordinary Bush Cauliflower and scarlet Feather Flower.

Nearby Jingamia Cave is a shady picnic site. The Cave is formed in chert, and unsealed rock that leads to a vegetation community in the hill very different from the surrounding areas. Climb the rocky outcrops for a view across the bushland.

* Can be visited as part of the Wildflower Drive


Koojan Reserve

Koojan Reserve is located 18km south of Moora on the Moora-Bindoon Road. The trail is a comfortable 20-minute walk depicting local flora and fauna, history and agricultural practices.

Stack Cooper Reserve

Stack Cooper Reserve is located between Stack Street and Cooper Street.  Short walk through the reserve features interpretational signage on the local flora and fauna.

Candy Bush Reserve

Located on the Midlands Road entrance to Moora, Candy Bush Reserve features informal walk trails, wildflowers and orchids.

World War II Army Campsites

Moora was host to a large number of soldiers during World War II. An operational unit was based at Berkshire Valley and numerous other units were stationed around the district.

Military History – Moora

Moora also has a war memorial, mural and sculpture in the town centre.

Watheroo Station Tavern

100-year-old Station Tavern

* Can be visited as part of the Wildflower Drive

Carnaby Cockatoo Interpretative Walk Trail

Located between Roberts Street and Dandaragan Street

The interpretative walk trail is a staged project. Once completed the trail will play a major role in educating people about the conservation of the Carnaby’s Cockatoo. Additional signage will be installed along the trail in due course and will provide information regarding the importance of the salmon gums, Moora’s local history, local flora and fauna.

Currently Stages 1,2 and 3 are complete with the trail meandering gently along the river through Moora.

Berkshire Valley

Situated 18km east of Moora, 19km north of Walebing. Berkshire Valley is the English version of New Norcia. Founded by James Clinch in 1847, the building complex includes a colonial homestead with gatehouse (1867), Stables (1867), Mill house (1869), pig sty (1870), and brick arched bridge (1869). While there is no public access on to the property the homestead, bridge and other buildings can be seen from the roadside. Berkshire Valley is a private property and working farm.

The Painted Roads

Moora and many other towns in the Midlands feature wonderful murals that depict the area's history, wildlife and culture. Many of these murals were developed as part of the Painted Roads Murals, a regional initiative, using local volunteers support. All of the murals have a story to tell, and numerous visitors are attracted and travel from town to town seeking out the murals and their stories.

The mural is Federation Park, Moora depicts the district’s agricultural heritage. This park also has a life size bronze statue of a draught horse and kelpie. The statues and mural are a lasting memorial to the animlas that were essential in opening up the area in the early years.

Marah Homestead Ruins

New Norcia Mission through Bishop Salvado purchased the leasehold and freehold of 'Marah' (near Watheroo) in 1868.  The property was originally owned by James Oliver who acquired it around 1850.  He sold his leases there to Joseph Purser of Bindoon who died in 1867.  The Mission established an outstation at 'Marah' and built a two-story brick house, a large stone walled kitchen, several stone sheds, a large mud brick shed and a stone wall. 

Westways Wildflowers Four Wheel Drive Wildflower Tours

Bookings (08) 9651 8060 or 0427 518 060
Fees $10 Adults, children free
Available August to November

Get off the beaten track.  Visit Clive and Maureen Tonkin at Westways Wildflowers.  A 2,000ha wildflower, sheep and tree farm.  Experience the wonders of the Kwongon Heathlands.  Walk among the wildflowers.  Hear the sounds, smell the fragrances of the native bush.  See a large range of preserved wildflowers which are exported to Japan.  Panoramic views of the Yalallie Meteorite Crater discovered in 1990.  See wildflowers from the comfort of your own vehicle.  Self-drive 4wd tours in your time.  Caravan access.  Camping on request.  August - November $10 Adults, children free.

Ph: 9651 8060 or 0427 518 060 for bookings.

Day trips from Moora

Wildflower Country

From Moora in the south to Dalwallinu in the east and Mullewa in the north 'wildflower country' offers you the opportunity to view some of the most magnificent displays of Australian native flowering plants anywhere.  Add the chance to experience the country way of life and you have a great holiday experience, all within easy reach of Western Australia's capital city, Perth.

If you're heading north for the winter of just looking to break away from the city, take the time out to enjoy all that 'wildflower country' has to offer.

Wildflower Country website

Discover Golden Horizons

Enjoy a picturesque drive to the fringes of Perth where you can enter into the perfect example of the Western Australia Wheatbelt and immerse yourself in the rural lifestyle of the Central Midlands.

Whether you're looking for an easy escape from the maddening crowd for a short or long time, for the wildflower season spectacular, or for a complete 'bush change', the fascinating history, beautiful rural landscape and sensational foods, make now the perfect time to see, taste and Discover Golden Horizons.

New Norcia

Australia's only Monastic Town

New Norcia Benedictine Community

The Pinnacles - Nambung National Park

Fascinating limestone formations.

Learn about The Pinnacles in Nambung National Park


Australia's Golden Outback

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