Disaster Alert System

Alert in the event of a disaster (ie. possible flood).

First Warning

  • Fire, Football and Police sirens will be activated
  • Listen to your local radio (5.31 WF) or/and TV for updated reports
  • Check batteries for portable radios
  • Lift furniture/stock
  • Secure outside moveable objects
  • Pack belongings (medication, minimum of clothes, money, identification etc)
  • Schools will be closed
  • Take a vehicle to high ground – Atbara Street east to end up the hill on left
  • If transport is not available make arrangements to evacuate

Second Warning

  • Sirens will be activated again
  • Turn off gas
  • Evacuate to Central Midlands Senior High School, Ranfurly Street Moora
  • If you cannot safely secure your pets they can be bought with you – on a lead
  • For your own safety and the security of your home regardless of whether you remain in Moora or leave you MUST register at evacuation centre

Final Warning

  • Siren will be activated again
  • All residents SHOULD either be at evacuation centre or made their own way to safety. Remember you must register prior to leaving.

Note: To avoid any traffic accidents and for the safety of your family and volunteer rescuers your co-operation in following all instructions for this alert is necessary. When asked to evacuate your house please consider the lives of the rescuers who have to come back to evacuate you if you stay.