War Memorial Restoration

Published on Sunday, 17 March 2024 at 10:18:00 AM

The Shire of Moora applied for funding to restore the community’s stone War Memorial Statue and was awarded over $50,000. On receival of written confirmation of the grant, restoration on the memorial will commence and will mark the 100-year anniversary of its installation.

The Saluting Their Service (STS) Commemorative Grants Program provided by the Australian Government’s Department of Veteran’s Affairs, is designed to commemorate the service and sacrifice of Australia’s service personnel in wars, conflict and peace operations, and their families. Funding is made available for projects and activities that promote appreciation and understanding; or preserve or enhance information about Australia’s wartime heritage.

Gina Rainbird, Shire of Moora Manager Community Development & Stakeholder Services, said the Shire consulted with the Moora Returned Services League (RSL) committee about the restoration.

“I was advised that during the past 100 years, the statue had been painted many times, but has cracks, and the 6-metre-high spire needs a high pressure clean,” she said.

“The President of the RSL and the Shire met with a local craftsman to gather ideas for the restoration, as well as install stone steps to improve accessibility. We also hope to replace the flagpoles and provide more seating.”

“Moora’s RSL currently has 19 members. The current Secretary Audrey Brown is in her 90’s, her husband served in WW11. The President of the RSL Arthur Tonkin had three uncles that served in Gallipoli, and his father was a member of Volunteer Defense Corps 1940-45.”

“With the start of WW1 in 1914, 443 able bodied persons from Moora and its surrounding farming areas left for war and it created a large financial and social impact on the community for years.”

“The stories of the town’s economic devastation and the human impact of WW1, WW11 and the Vietnam War, needs to be told through the commemoration of events such as ANZAC Day and Remembrance Day, marked in Moora at the War Memorial site,” Ms Rainbird said.

“The restoration will provide longevity of the memorial for many years to come, where we can continue to pay our respects to soldiers, nurses, and the community affected by war.”

The Shire would like to thank local organisations for providing letters of support, including the Moora Historical Society, St Joseph’s School Moora, Moora Lions, Rotary Club of Moora, and the Moora Police, as well as Shane Love MLA.

The photos below were taken at the 50 Year Vietnam Veterans Commemoration in August 2023, by Elektra Black.

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