Frequently Asked Questions


How much is the rent at the Moora Lifestyle Village?

Weekly rental ranges from $120- $140 per week depending on lot size. (Lot sizes range from 180m²to 321.29m² .) Weekly rental is inclusive of rubbish removal and water usage.

Are there any other ongoing costs?

Electricity and telephones are the residents responsibility with electricity usage calculated monthly. Home and contents and public liability insurances must also be current.

Can I bring my pet?

Yes. 1 small pet (cat, dog under 5kgs, bird in a cage, fish in aquarium) is allowed. Prior permission must be obtained.

Do I own my block?

No. You lease the actual land but will own the park home you place on it.

What happens if I pass away?

The property forms part of your estate. Your family may choose to sell the home, relocate it or, if they are over 50 and meet the criteria, they may choose to move in (under a new lease agreement).

I can’t afford the relocation costs. What can I do?

The Shire of Moora can assist with your relocation costs. A loan agreement capped at $12,000 can be negotiated with terms at 1, 2, 3 or 4 years. Repayment to be paid by direct debit.

Are the lots fully serviced?

Each lot is fully serviced however it is the tenant’s responsibility to organise connections and trenching.

What do I do if I don't have a park home?

There are a number of local and metropolitan companies that build park homes. There is also the option to purchase and relocate an existing park home from another location.

Building options include:

Ranbuild - Austeel Homes and Sheds - Moora (08) 9653 1888
Hut City Portables - Kalannie (08) 9666 2166
Transportable and Kit Homes - Davenport (08) 9726 2788
Pinelock Homes - Albany (08) 9841 4562
Kent Corporation - Maddington (08) 9493 1410

For more information

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