Little Red in the hood - SCHOOL SHOW

Wednesday 8th May 2024

An interactive, educational performance for children!
A fun-filled fractured fairy tale with educational messages.

Little Red loves her Granny and her neighbourhood!

She’s like a super-hero in a hoodie- watching her neighbour’s houses while they’re away and always on the lookout for litterbugs and people who don’t know how to recycle.

Her mottos are ‘Keep Australia Beautiful’ and ‘Be a Recycle Super-Hero’

Everyone in ‘the hood’ thinks Red is pretty amazing!

Of course, every story has a troublemaker and this one has Walter – The Big Bad Wolf. He’s not really that big or bad ...more like medium-sized and cheeky, but he does leave rubbish all over the place and has no idea about recycling.

Walter can smell the awesome chocolate cake Granny’s got cooking and he’s on a mission to get the first bite of the cake… and Granny…oh no!!

Will Little Red get there first and save her Granny… and the awesome chocolate cake?

Come along and find out!


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Category: General

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Audience: All Ages

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  • Wednesday 8th May 2024

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