Please Note:

To avoid disappointment, please ensure you book into a session.  Some participants may require exercise fitness clearance from their medical practitioner.

Children aged 0-5 must be directly supervised within arms-reach by their parent/carer at all times and must not be permitted to run inside the facility.

All children who ordinarily wear a nappy must wear an aqua nappy in the Hydrotherapy Pool.

Children under 10 must be accompanied by their parents. 

Young people aged 10-17 must have written consent to attend sessions unaccompanied or parents must stay on site.

The Hydrotherapy Pool timetable is subject to change due to public holidays, staff absences, changes to programming and other unforeseen events.

To make an enquiry, book an appointment, book into a session or change a booking, please contact the 

Hydrotherapy Pool Mobile on 0427 511 403 or email

Please fill out the Hydrotherapy Membership Form which is available on site; if you are using the facility for rehabilitation; please bring a letter with you from your physio/GP that states your condition and that you do not require assistance - this will be attached to your form and filed with our records.

If you are over 55yrs, we will require clearance from your GP or Medical Health Professional.

Casual; 10 passes and multiple memberships are available; payable via EFTPOS on site. Concessions apply.

Moora is an Endorsed Swim School with Royal Life Saving WA. For information about swimming lessons, please click here.