Future Aspirations for Sport and Recreation in the
Shire of Moora


The Shire of Moora recognises and values the importance of Sport and Recreation in the community and the benefits it provides.

Improved health and wellbeing, through physical activity and social connections are just some of the ways that sport, recreation and community participation have a positive effect on the community.

Council and various not-for profit Associations own a significant number of community facilities and infrastructure throughout the Shire of Moora. These exist under varying usage agreements with Council, with varying levels of support from Council.

The Shire of Moora is dedicated to maintaining and improving the many facilities within the Shire. To ensure Council can achieve value for money for the community,  Sport and Recreation needs require good planning and design to ensure that all sporting and recreational uses can be catered for over time.

Significant funding will be sought to assist with delivering the development and improvement outcomes.

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