~End of an era for the Moora Grandstand~

Published on Tuesday, 23 February 2021 at 6:14:02 PM

~End of an era for the Moora Grandstand~

The Shire has recently received the Structural Report completed in February 2021. The report confirms the findings of the 2020 survey, which found significantly accelerating deterioration and cracking in the vertical concrete columns, undermining the structure’s overall strength and stability.

The load bearing capacity of the structure’s columns and beams have been found to be so compromised that the structural engineers have advised the facility is no longer safe for future use and recommended the immediate closure and demolition of the Grandstand at the earliest possible time.

Acting on this advice, the Shire has been in consultation with the Moora Mavericks Football Club to vacate the Grandstand immediately. The Shire has cordoned off the area around the Grandstand, pending its demolition. In the meantime, the Shire and Football Club are working closely to put temporary changeroom and ablution facilities in place to enable the commencement of the 2021 Central Midlands Coastal Football League Season.

Built in 1964 the Moora Grandstand was opened by the then Governor Sir Douglas Kendrew. Later the oval was grassed, and the first wicket laid.

The Moora Sports Ground was first suggested in the mid-1920s to provide a venue for athletics, cycling, cricket, football, hockey and for the Agricultural Society. It was difficult to decide on the venue, however the current site was the chosen location.

 The Grandstand, timekeepers’ box and change rooms are a part of Moora’s history. Countless tales have been shared over the wins and losses had on the recreation grounds it overlooks.

 The Grandstand has been the spectators viewing platform for many of Moora’s historic events over the years, including;

  • 1965, the first match of the Australian leg of touring English Cricketers (Marylebone Cricket Club)
  • 1999 WA Football League match between Perth and Swan Districts
  • Sheep dog trials
  • Equestrian events
  • 2000 – 2008 Annual Country Campout Concerts
  • 2013 WA Football League match between Perth and West Perth
  • Cricket
  • Football League grand finals and many more events…

 For fitness conscious devotees and athletes, the Grandstand steps have formed part of numerous fitness regimes for community members and visitors alike – we’re sure many will remember them well.

 Prior to demolition the grandstand will be photographed, and all memorabilia will be removed.

 The Grandstand will be demolished in accordance with the recommendation of the Structural Engineer and the Building Act 2011 (Division 5 s 110 & 111)

 Thank you to the Moora Historical Society for sharing their historic photos & the official 1965 Cricket match programme.

 Those wishing to capture the history of the Moora Grandstand may send in any relevant photos, videos and stories to the Moora Historical Society.


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