At tipping point – Shire of Moora invests in new Rubbish Truck

Published on Thursday, 27 May 2021 at 9:57:26 AM

At tipping point – Shire of Moora invests in new Rubbish Truck

Not a load of rubbish


Council invests in New Rubbish Truck


It’s been an exciting week for the Shire of Moora, as the new Rubbish Truck was delivered to the Shire Depot. Every year our Rubbish Truck performs millions of bin lifts during waste and recycling collections.

At the Shire Councils 21st October meeting a quotation from Major Motors was accepted for a new Isuzu rubbish truck, by trading in Councils existing Hino rubbish truck.

The Hino rubbish truck has served the community very well over the last eleven years however has suffered some minor break downs in recent times.

Being eleven years old, it has travelled over half a million kilometres and lifted and emptied bins several million times.


As we farewell one of our hardworking fleet machines,  we welcome our new one.


We still require your assistance to streamline the waste collection service

  1. Ensure your bin is placed 1m from the road edge, with the lid closed
  2. Avoid over filling your bin, if the lid can’t shut it can cause rubbish to fall out
  3. If your bin is damaged or missing a lid, please contact us on 9651 0000 and we will endeavour to rectify it.


We appreciate your cooperation

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