Online Form - Self-Reporting Portal for COVID-19

Please do not underestimate the importance of informing the Shire of Moora of a positive COVID case.
Your actions will ensure the risk to others is minimised and that we do our very best to limit the spread of the virus within our community.

To help streamline this process, the COVID-19 Self-Reporting Form for Staff members has been developed to enable staff  to inform the Shire of Moora's HR team of a positive or negative COVID result. The information will go directly to the HR team, prompting our COVID response.

Answers to these questions are important as it helps us keep our workforce and community safe. Please answer honestly and completely, so we can provide you the appropriate support.

To make reporting easy for you, just take a screen shot (PCR) or quick photo (RAT) of your results to upload below.

Thank you for reporting your COVID-19 results.

**Please note: If you have a Positive RAT result you will also need to upload to WA Health.

Registration of Positive RAT to WA Health

Maximum size of ALL attachments is 976.56 MB